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Brownie Flavors

All gifts come with an assorted variety of cookie and brownie flavors cookies in all gifts (unless specified) are wrapped in packages of 3 Since 1981.
We have been baking the best all natural,and award winning cookies you sink your teeth in to!


Fudge - Our classic brownie, which is an incredibly rich fudge classic. - REG   GF   VEG


Walnut Fudge - A decadent fudge brownie loaded with plump walnuts.


Peanut Butter N’ Jam - Yup, that classic brought to you one bight at a time.... our now famous fudge brownie, which has been combined
with real peanut butter, and jelly. This brownie is almost as much think about as it was packing your kids lunch.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownie  - Take the Cookies From Home famous chocolate chip cookies, load in some more chocolate chunks,
then wrap our decadent brownies around it all.  The perfect combo.


Peanut Butter Infusion - Rich real Peanut Butter Stuffed between every delicious bite, then loaded with peanut butter chips.


Citrus Sensations - Lemon Orange citrus infused in what is already being called the best brownie in the nation.


Peanut Butta N’ Jam - Pretty much what your thinkin.... rich creamy peanut butter layered with our rasberry jam...  Homerun!


Raspberry Swagger - A rich raspberry infused brownie, made with real raspberry.


Mint Fudge - Our fudge brownie,  with fresh peppermint, and chocolate chips!... Just delicous, there is something addictive about these brownies... For mint lovers only!