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Cookie Flavors

All gifts come with an assorted variety of cookie and brownie flavors cookies in all gifts (unless specified) are wrapped in packages of 3 Since 1981.
We have been baking the best all natural,and award winning cookies you sink your teeth in to!

(Our cookies come - Regular  - REG     Gluten Free -  GF    Vegan and Gluten Free - VEG     Sugar Free - SF)


Chewy Chunk - Our outrageously gooey, awesomely chewy, super chocolaty cookies are a chunk off the old block.   - REG   GF   VEG


Cranberry-Orange - A toasty blend of cranberry, candied orange, walnuts and white chocolate nestled together to kiss your lips. - REG   GF


Raisin ’R Oats - You’ll go wild for our oats the moment our sun-soaked raisins tickle your tongue.  REG


Menage et Trois - Can you ever say enough chocolate, we think not.  First we start with a dark rich fudge cookie, add some milk chocolate, then some
dark chocolate and as if that wasn‘t enough, we add some white chocolate....  be afraid... be very afraid... these are addictive to any chocoholic.   REG
(warning, these cookie are super soft, and can break apart when we ship ‘em)


Cinnamon Rolled - Swirl your tongue around these swoon-worthy cookies, rolled inside and out in a cinnamony celebration.  -  REG    SF


Triple Treats - Its kind of a 3 way virtual party in your mouth, with plump California Raisins, decadent dark chocolate, and fresh succulent walnuts...  REG   GF   VEG


Sugar Momma - Yo’ momma may be sweet, but not like our classic treats.  Daddy, these cookies bring you back to the good old days.  REG


Peanut ’N Butter - Our kid-friendly cookies will make children of all ages melt like butter.  No margarine allowed.   REG   GF   VEG (palm shortening)


Hunka Chunka - You’ll burn with love for our chunky hunks of fresh coconut chips and chocolate chips.  One bite always leads to another.  REG


Fudge Wheels - Take your taste buds out for a spin with our decadently delicious fudge-filled treats.  Keep both hands on the cookie.   REG   GF   VEG


Salted Brown Butter - This all new sensation is our very own combination of a refined classic, with a light mouthfeel which on its own will blow your mind then
we add a thought provoking spike of salt...With the precision of a team of well trained acrobats, or chefs created the most incredible combination of Oats, butter, flour,
dark chocolate, a gentle hint of vanilla... then artisan sea salt is added for an experience rolled in to a cookie.   REG


Minty Fudge - A cool sensation that only fresh mint can make... these delicious minty fudge-filled cookies are the bomb.   REG