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Cookies From Home Brown Tall Gift Tin (D4) - 18 or 27 Cookies - 6 Brownies - 18+2

Cookies From Home Brown Tall Gift Tin (D4) - 18 or 27 Cookies - 6 Brownies - 18+2


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Make every occasion special with one of these beautiful gifts.   Any Occasion...  Just add your personal note when you checkout.

With our delicious, "all natural cookie and brownie flavors" even the pickiest of eaters will find something that they will enjoy

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Assortment  Price 
Cookies:         18 Assorted Cookies  $27.95
Cookies:         27 Assorted Cookies  $33
Combo:       18 Cookies and 2 Brownies                 $35
Brownies:               6 Brownies  $29
Gluten Free, Vegan or Sugar Free  + $2.00

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Cookies From Home - Brown Tall Gift Tin - "New"


Tall Brown Gift Tin


Assortment Price
Cookies:      18 Assorted Cookies $29
Cookies:      27 Assorted Cookies $33
Combo:        18 Cookies and 2 Brownies                $35
Brownies:    6 Brownies $29   
Gluten Free, Vegan or Sugar Free Add $2.00 




Award winning and always the best cookies. We bake our cookies fresh everry day using only the finest ingredients; Including Butter, both bittersweet, and milk chocolate, white chocolate, Fresh Oats, Plump Raisins, Walnuts, Cinnamon, Ginger_??_ only fresh, and only words you can pronounce.

Cookies Arrive with an assortment of some or all of the following flavors: Regular: Chewy Chunk, Fudge Wheels, Sugar Moma, Triple Treat, Oats N’ Raisins, Peanut N’ Butter, Hunkah Chunkah. We regularly include some of our other bakers favorites that are baked specially but are always changing.

Gluten Free Varieties may Include: Chewy Chip, Fudge Wheels, Cranberry Orange, Peanut N’ Butter and Triple Treat.

Vegan Assortments may include: Chewy Chip, Lemon Pecan, Fudge Wheels, and Lemon Pecan.

Sugar Free assortments may include: Chewy Chip, Oatmeal, and Fudge Wheeels.

Delivering Delicious Across Town or Across the Nation.

We can always be reached at or calling (480)894-1944 or (800)543-8133 for prompt service and support.


Please see our nutrition fact pages. All our cookies are made from all natural ingredients, and most have less than 8 total ingredients. Our sugar-free cookies are naturally sweetened with Monk fruit and certified natural source Erythritol. Gluten Free products are prepared in exclusive ovens, and with exclusive utensils.


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