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Brownie Flavors


All gifts come with an assorted variety of brownie flavors (unless specified). Since 1981, we have been freshly baking the best all natural and award-winning brownies for you to sink your teeth into!

Fudge - Sometimes, it's nice to just go with a classic. Have some rich, chocolate fudge to perk up your attitude. Also available in Vegan Gluten Free.

Peanut Butter infusion - What's better than a delicious brownie stuffed with yummy peanut butter? How about loading it with peanut butter chips? 

Raspberry Infusion - Want some fruit to make up for all of that chocolate decadence? How about some Raspberry swirled in to make this a unique and enjoyable brownie!

Walnut Fudge - A classic with a twist! That great fudge brownie you've come to love, but with a hefty amount of walnuts to elevate it. Also available in Vegan Gluten Free.


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