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A day at Cookies From Home

we take tremendous pride in delicately taking care of every detail of your special gift.


A bit about the sizes...


You can check out the nutrional info here.

Cookies from Home Sizes and Nutritional Information
Hand Rolled Cookies from Home
Freshly Baked Home Made Cookies From Home
Cooling Process of Cookies

Now for the fun stuff

We start by hand rolling and dropping the cookie dough onto our cookie sheets... bake ... and let cool.



As soon as they're cooled off just enough, we start the packaging process.


Each package has 3 cookies of your favorite flavor, and is packaged as quickly as we can to maintain freshness.

Cookies are packaged quickly
Cookies are sorted
3 Cookies of your favorite flavor
Start of Gift Assembly
Each gift is customized
Your gift is ready


Next off to our production area, where we carefully assemble and customize each gift just for you!


Then Delivery

Now comes the delivery process...


Within hours we have your gift packaged and ready for Fedex or USPS to pick up. We deliver anywhere in the USA. (We even ship all over the world! Call for details.)

Cookies From Home Ready for Delivery

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